Ridge Preservation Graft

A ridge preservation graft preserves the height and width of the boney ridge after a tooth has been extracted.  Following extraction alone, the bone that previously held the tooth in place normally shrinks as it heals.  40- 60% of the volume of the root will resorb from the bone after extraction.  This shrinkage, or ridge resorption, can make placing a dental implant at the site a more complicated process.  Implants require a volume of bone that fully surrounds the implant.  If you are considering replacing a lost tooth with an implant in the future, then a ridge preservation graft should be considered at the time of extraction.  A preservation graft reduces the chances that a more involved augmentation graft will be required prior to a site being ready for implant placement.  Typically, an implant can be placed 4- 6 months after the extraction and grafting procedures are completed.